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Text Transcription: Bible Translation / Publishing

  • AvodahConnect is a thought leader that is consulted and/or invited to language initiatives and strategy sessions by BTmovement, SE movements, publishers, churches, and consumers.

  • In collaboration with Biblica, Avodah built the first Artificial Intelligence generated translation of the Bible.

  • The clinical first draft of the Bible in Malay was built from scratch in 7 months.

Oral Translation

  • AvodahConnect is a valuable and necessary tool for language translators to accelerate their translation services. (Avodah inside for translators to provide services to their users)

  • Improve operations workflow for translation so you can focus on optimal and increase quality of translation for the end-user.

ASL: American Sign Language

  • Our patented technology under development will allow customers COTS (commercial off the shelf) solutions for translation in American Sign language. This AI transcribes the machine transcription of general sign language and spoken language into written form. 

  • AI learns the key grammatical constructs that make ASL (and other SLs) intelligible to its users.

  • AvodahConnect is not envisioned as a stand-alone “device” but rather a UI (user interface) that can be added to any device like a TV, computer, phone, tablet, etc. 

  • We are also not seeking to replace in-person communication (or interpreters), but to provide more options for Deaf/HH.

Communicating Through Signs


Be Seen, known, and understood: AvodahConnect will improve accessibility to any underserved community looking for better ways to commerce.

Our goal is to accelerate how we can communicate across different languages using Human-Centered Artificial intelligence by reducing time, increasing efficiencies, and expanding language capacity.


Voice, text, and sign language translation solutions from Avodah will improve accessibility to any underserved community looking for better ways to be seen, to be known, and to be understood.


AvodahConnect is recognized as a model for languages services locally and nationally. Our technology is building bridges to connect our clients to the people who need to be served.

An AvodahConnect advisory council has been formed of members exclusively from the Deaf Community to serve the development of the Sign language solutions.

Our Partners

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