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Accessibility for All

The digital world should be fully accessible to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community through more options for captioning, sign-interpreting, and higher-quality audio. 

Advance your community with enhanced accessibility

75 million Americans have some sort of disability

300 million Americans need more attentive care and better communication

70 million Deaf & Hard of Hearing people use sign language worldwide

We make the inaccessible accessible through language.

Sign Language | Medical | Knowledge

Learning Sign Language

Sign Language

  • Leverage computer vision ASL interpretation technology platform to control TV on low-resolution camera from up to 6 meters away

  • Incorporate ASL interpretation translation
    on Nsight for a medical visit


  • ADA accessibility compliance


  • Help providers deal with distractions

  • Overcome language differences

  • Capture every detail from both the doctor and the patient

  • Make every patient feel seen, known, and understood

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Open Books


Our Roots

We have translated the Bible, the most published book in the world, into 12 languages to which Indigenous groups previously had no access.

Apply to Healthcare

​We can make health information more accessible by translating health information in a multitude of languages.

Accessibility today is not out of reach for you.

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