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Serving faith-based communities

Why wait decades?
Speed up your translation projects and maximize quality with AvodahConnect.

Advance your community with
Avodah's language translation

Empowering translation & quality checks

Cutting the cost in half

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Transforming process from 20 years to 4

"AI is our era's printing press, poised to reshape accessibility and society. Just as the printing press once transformed our world, Avodah, powered by AI, promises a new epoch of inclusivity and discovery." 

- Shawn Ring, CEO


Quality meets speed

Get accessibility NOW, without waiting months or even years.

Involve your community from the beginning, regardless of culture or location.

Deliver impact iteratively without wasted time.


From years to months in language and scripture mastery

Current market outcomes:

  • The average time for new language fluency is three to five years

  • The average quality Bible draft takes seven years

The Avodah difference:

  • The average time for language fluency is four months

  • The average quality Bible draft takes six months

“The success of our partnership with Avodah is a testament to the commitment to long-term solutions. The strategic approach and shared goals are driving meaningful change”

Avodah Translation Partner

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